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-{{description>​Official iCube R&D Group products'​ manuals. ​This site is where you can find all documentations ​for products developed by iCube R&D Group. ​Such as MultiScatter,​ MadCar}}+{{description>​Official iCube R&D Group products'​ manuals. ​Here you can find documentation and manuals ​for all products developed by iCube R&D Group.}}
 ====== Plugin Manuals ====== ====== Plugin Manuals ======
-  * [[en:​asymmetric-bridge|Asymmetric Bridge]] +  * [[en:​asymmetric-bridge|Asymmetric Bridge]] ​is a data transfer and caching system for creation of effective studio pipeline. (not released yet) 
-  * [[en:​madcar|MadCar]] +  * [[en:​madcar|MadCar]], This plug-in is for wheeled vehicle simulation in 3DS Max, including motorcycles and other vehicles with any number of wheels, and with any of their mutual arrangements. 
-  * [[en:​citytraffic|CityTraffic]] +  * [[en:​citytraffic|CityTraffic]], is the plug-in for 3DS Max which helps to create car traffic flow on the roads and off-roads. 
-  * [[en:​autowrinkles|AutoWrinkles]] +  * [[en:​splineland|SplineLand]], is a plugin for 3DS Max that helps to generate topographically accurate terrains from a set of splines
-  * [[en:​splineland|SplineLand]]+
   * [[en:​multiscatter|MultiScatter]]   * [[en:​multiscatter|MultiScatter]]
   * [[en:​vrayscatter-maya|VRayScatter For Maya]]   * [[en:​vrayscatter-maya|VRayScatter For Maya]]
-  * [[en:​vraypattern|VRayPattern]]+  * [[en:​vraypattern|VRayPattern]] ​allows you periodically multiply geometry without extra memory consumption.
   * [[en:​vraypattern-maya|VRayPattern For Maya]]   * [[en:​vraypattern-maya|VRayPattern For Maya]]
 ====== Demo Reel ====== ====== Demo Reel ======
 {{ youtube>​jDdsvyr3U_Q?​large }} {{ youtube>​jDdsvyr3U_Q?​large }}