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VrayPattern Manual

VrayPattern is a plug-in for 3dsmax and V-Ray.

VRayPattern allows to multiply geometry periodically without extra memory consumption. As a sample you can use any tiled geometry (or those with unobtrusive joints)

 VRayPattern sample  VRayPattern sample

VRayPattern also allows to curve geometry on any surface.

 VRayPattern sample

The plug-in works in similar way as displacement map. However, displacement map can only use raster or vector maps of pattern to cover the surface of geometry, VRayPattern can use any of the original geometry.

 VRayPattern sample

The plug-in best used where large amount of geometry required, but without great accuracy. A few examples.

Sample geometry to be propagated:

 VRayPattern sample


 VRayPattern sample

Sample geometry to be propagated:

 VRayPattern sample


 VRayPattern sample

Result: Sample geometry to be propagated:

 VRayPattern sample


 VRayPattern sample  VRayPattern sample

System requirements

3ds Max versions: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 - all 32 or 64 bit

3ds Max Design : all

all V-Ray versions: V-Ray 1.5 (SP2 and higher), V-Ray 2 and higher - 32 or 64 bit

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 all 32 and 64 bit

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (probably already installed on your PC)

User must have local administrator rights with Windows XP to use VRayPattern. on Windows 7 administrator right needed only during installation

License System Upgrade

Since version 1.2.0 we introduce new licensing system:

You have to choose if you want to install a separate license server or use a local license:

  • Network license - you could use the plugin from any workstation on your network;
  • Local license - local license is similar to our previous licensing system and is locked to a particular workstation.


Please make sure you downloaded latest version of the plug-in from our forum. Users are provided with the same installation file for both Workstation and Render node

Workstation can be used only when license is properly installed, and provides access to all VRayPattern options.

If VRayPattern does not find license file it switches itself to Rendernode mode and only can render files created with VRayPattern Workstation. VRayPattern.exe Rendering is available both locally and over network.

To install the program you need to run the VRayPattern.exe with the administrator rights. Don’t forget to quit 3ds max before you start the installation.

VRayPattern For 3ds max setup wizard. Don’t forget to quit 3ds max before you start the installation.

Read carefully the license agreement. If you accept it tick “I accept” and then press setup button; if not, press “Cancel” button.

The setup wizard will automatically select destination folder for 3dsmax. Check the path where 3dsmax is installed and correct it if needed.

Press “Next” to proceed with the installation.


Please, follow these guides:


Use the uninstaller: Start Menu → R&D Group → VRayPattern → Uninstall VRayPattern

Installing for network or distributed rendering

For network rendering just install the same file VrayPattern.exe. Installation procedure is the same as for the Workstation, but skipping Registration process. Rendernode version does not require registration.

Submission for network or distributed rendering should be done from the PC with the registered Workstation version of VrayPattern. The rest of render nodes involved in the network or distributed rendering can have only Rendernode versions of VrayPattern installed.

Each VrayPattern license comes with unlimited render nodes.

VRayPattern Creation

VRayPattern can be found in Objects under VRay.

 VRayPattern creation


 VRayPattern creation

  • On/Off – Enabling and disabling an object.
  • From Current Scene - Object to be propagated is taken from current scene.
  • From File - Propagating geometry will be taken from another 3ds Max file. The file should only contain one geometry object. Also in the file may be only one configured VRayPattern to get all settings.

Library browser

 VRayPattern library browser

Browser allows you to see the preview of max files which VRayPattern can use as the geometry for propagating. To create a preview create an image in jpg format size 160×100 pixels with same name as 3ds max file and place the image in same folder where the 3ds max file is located .

The browser can remember the current path of the library, for this you need to click Save Library Path. To return to the library path, you must press Move to Library Path.

Pattern Renderable - Quick way to turn off the visibility in rendering of the original object of propagating.

Geometry Bias - Minimum passage distance of the ray after reflection from the geometry, within which all other ray intersections with the geometry are ignored. If this parameter is 0, the object will cast shadows on itself and will get covered with spots.

Crop Size - Size of the crop box of propagated geometry. All objects outside of the box – are ignored. Crop box also defines the repeating period of the geometry.

Height - Height multiplier of the propagated geometry.

Shift - Displacement of the geometry against surface normal’s, which is covered by propagated geometry.

Reset Crop Box - Reset crop box to default starting position.

Fit Crop Box - Fit crop box within geometry saving rotation

Controlling crop box

 VRayPattern crop box

Crop box can be moved, rotate and scale. The cross with arrow shows position of the plane on which geometry will be multiplied. This position can be controlled with Shift parameter.

 VRayPattern crop box

  • Surface - Surface on which geometry will be propagated.
  • Surface Renderable - Ability to quickly switch visibility of the surface in render.
  • Map. Channel - Map channel on the basis of which the geometry will be propagated.
  • Real World Scale - Work in real scale.
  • Tiling U/V - Mapping multiplier by U/V axis.
  • Polygon ID - Range of polygon IDs of the surface on which propagation is happening.
  • Random Segment Count - Enables to split multiplying geometry into several parts and multiply these parts randomly on surface elements.

 VRayPattern crop box  VRayPattern crop box


 VRayPattern Preview panel

Dummy Size - Dummy size

Texture Size - Size of the generated texture. If the crop box dimensions are not proportional (non-square projection) the size of the resulting texture may be different from the set value.

Make Preview Texture - Generation of textures for the preview. This texture can be used in the viewport, in order to understand the scale of propagated geometry. To do this, save the generated texture on the hard drive and apply to the surface with standard tools of the material editor in 3ds max

Sample of the generated texture

 VRayPattern Preview panel

Texture in a viewport and render

 VRayPattern Preview panel  VRayPattern Preview panel


Currently there is no support for smoothing groups of the surface of propagated object. This can lead to visible edges on curved low polygon surfaces. We recommend using high polygon objects for reproduction. We hope to find ways to solve this problem in future versions.


License errors

In case of license malfunction and errors (which can be caused by disk reformatting, re installation of the operating system or components replacement) you are free to address the developer at any time by sending your request for a new *.key file to the e-mail

However, in case of total replacement of a PC by a new one new license is not provided more often than once in half a year.

ATTENTION! Please always try to email from the same email address you used when you purchased the plug-in. If we can’t find your e-mail address from which you sent the ID file in our database and there is no explanation and receipt or order number in you email, your request may not be processed!

Please always attach you receipt or include order number to avoid any delays in communication.

Installation problems

make sure 3ds max is not running, (please double check in task manager too)

make sure you are installing with administrator rights (in windows 7 right click “run as administrator” even if you are logged in as admin)

make sure you choose right VRay Version and right path for you 3ds max installation

Other errors

Please make sure you download and install latest version from our forum and confirm that update was successful by checking version number in About panel of VRayPattern.

if this have not solved the problem please contact us at , by sending description of the problem together with the following information:

  • VRayPattern version (screenshot of About panel is required)
  • OS version (inc 32 or 64 bit)
  • 3ds max version (inc 32 or 64 bit)
  • V-Ray version
  • some screenshots
  • and file with the problem when possible